Oppo Realme 6

Realme 6
Realme 6

Realme brings to us the new Oppo Realme 6, part of this year’s line that includes Realme 6, Realme 6i and Realme 6 pro. For the price of about $280 bucks we get an eyecatching design with a reflective back, a stunning pack of 5 cameras (4 rear cameras and a frontal one), new features like the 90Hz ultra smooth display and a battery capacity that can leave you with no worries for at least two days.

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Design and display

The Realme smartphones are usually eye-catching with a youthful vibe and follows the trends at the aesthetic level that we’ve been seeing in the past years: reflective backs, which play with those reflections to look like one color or another, and the cameras pack placement in a vertical disposition on one side. In fact, the Oppo realme 6 is quite similar to the Realme 5 when it comes to the design but with a slight difference made by the reflection, reminding us the colors on the back of the good old fashion CD’s.

The real new feature for this device is the 90Hz refresh rate, offering the user an ultra-smooth display. With 6.5 inch display and a screen-to-body ratio up to 90.5% you will be able to immerse into the entertainment experience. We can see more fluid scrolls and a slight improvement in games that support 90 Hz, without worrying about the possibility of getting lag.

Performance and battery life

The Realme 6 powered by Mediatek Helio G90T (MT6785T) and runs with android 10.0. For the RAM memory we got two options: 6GB and 8GB, both being more than enough to manage the content and functions of the Realme 6, and 128GB of ROM storage that you can expand using an SD card. You can run high quality games in this smartphone and won’t have a problem with it.

It comes with a 4300mAh non removable battery; so you don’t have to be worried about the battery life because this one gives you until 10 hours with an active screen and two days or more without the need of charging your phone.


For the cameras, we got a set of four cameras with a different function each. A 64MP ultra high-resolution wide-angle camera + 8MP ultra wide-angle lens + 2MP B&W portrait lens + 2MP macro lens that comes with awesome features like portrait mode, panoramic view and HDR; allows you to take professional looking pictures at day and nightlight.

For the frontal camera we got a 16MP primary camera that performs really well at day and night light too.

Conclusion: This is an amazing smartphone for a really good price.

The Oppo Realme 6 delivers in terms of design, display, performance, battery life and camera. The downsides might be its plastic frame and back, it’s a bit thick in comparison to other smartphones of this size and the indoors camera performance with bad lighting isn’t the best. For the rest it’s quite a good phone.