Amazfit T-Rex smartwach

amazfit t-rex review smartwatch xiaomi
Amazfit T-Rex review smartwatch Xiaomi

The Amazfit T-Rex is the first rugged smartwatch of the company. They clearly took their inspiration from the Casio G-Shock in terms of design, but it doesn’t look quite as classy as ‘the real deal’. Nevertheless, this is a smartwatch for the outdoors type that can withstand a lot.

For just about $150 bucks you get a feature packed smartwatch with 20-day battery life and a rugged casing. Much less than what the competition has to offer. For example, probably their biggest competitor the Garmin Instinct, starts at around $250. That’s 2/5th of the price more!

The watch isn’t using Google’s Android Wear platform as an operating system. Instead, they have made their own proprietary operating system for the watch. They probably did this to ensure great battery life combined with tons of features.

Amazfit T-Rex design

With a 47mm case, the Amazfit T-Rex is a bit of a chunk on the wrist. It’s pretty big, slightly bigger than its competitor from Garmin. Though the company has clearly taken a look at the G Shock line they didn’t succeed in making the watch as classy or cool as the original from Casio. It looks a bit simple and cheap.


The Amazfit T-Rex has a nice 1.3 inch AMOLED display with a resolution of 360 x 360 pixels which is protected by Gorilla Glass 3. It’s a very nice and strong display for the price, and because it’s an AMOLED the readability in clear sunlight is pretty good. Colours come out well and blacks are deep as with any AMOLED display. It should be pretty scratch resistant because of the Gorilla Glass, but there are also screen protectors available for those who want to keep the display nice and scratch-free.


Even though the Amazfit T-Rex comes with a low prices, it also comes with tons of features. To start it comes with a heart rate monitor to track your heart rate during the day and night. It also tracks movement with its sensors and is able to track your route as well with the integrated GPS/GLONASS chip. Above that, it has a few ‘military certifications’. It means the watch should be able to withstand temperatures from -40 degrees Celsius up until +70 degrees celcius. It’s also water resistant up to 50m. On top of these features, the Amazfit T-Rex lets you track up to 14 different sports activities and shows notifications, weather, call reminders and more.

Amazfit T-Rex battery life

If it comes to battery life then the Amazfit T-Rex is an absolute winner. It’s able to function up to 20 days in a ‘daily use scenario’. That means continuous heart rate monitoring, using notifications and doing some sports activities every now and then using GPS. If you use it as a basic watch, it can even run up to 66 days. When continuously using GPS the battery life drops dramatically. But even then the T-Rex is able to last up to 20 hours of continuous GPS usage.

Conclusion: the Amazfit T-Rex is an absolute winner (for its price)

There aren’t many smartwatches on the market that offer similar quality, features and battery life for a price close to this one. In terms of battery life there probably isn’t even a single smartwatch that comes close to this in a daily usage scenario. We love the fact that it’s as complete as it is for a fantastic price. Combined with the Amazfit app the watch is as complete as most competitors on the market today.