Here at Tech of the People, we try to provide a good view on the Chinese tech market. Our goal is to provide relevant information about product from the Chinese or Asian market to inform those who are interested. We have seen that information about these products isn’t always widely available, so we try to acquire this information and share it with our readers.


Though we provide honest information about products from the Chinese market, we do have connections with resellers for monetization reasons. We work with advertisements, affiliate links and sponsored articles. Sponsored articles will always be tagged as such, so that the readers know the articles are sponsored. Though even sponsored articles will provide honest and correct information. We don’t let us get payed to write a ‘positive’ article about a product that we don’t like ourselves.

Most articles have a affiliate link to the product we are writing about. These links are meant to make sure we can cover the costs of hosting and maintaining this website. We only provide links to reseller we trust and know are good places to shop for your products. If we get complaints about a reseller, we will contact this party and in the worst case remove the links to their website.

Our view on products

The articles we write will offer you our view on the products. We will post relevant and correct information about the devices, together with our own opinion about the product and/or brand. If we like something, we will tell you. If we dislike something, we will write it down as well. We hope that in this way we will be able to provide you the information you are looking for. We hope that in this way, we can assist you in finding the right product that you have been looking for, or that we can protect you from making a bad decision.


As said, this website tries to provide correct information but also gives our opinion. We don’t take any responsibility for the product you buy after reading our website. Information on this website isn’t guaranteed to be correct, do your own research before buying any product. We do our best to provide you with relevant and correct information, but we cannot guarantee the correctness of the information on this website.